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Welcome to HL Fashion

We are one of Asia’s leading private label garment manufacturers, specialising in the production of Men's shirts and Ladies blouses.
Based in Hong Kong, we have sales offices in Europe, and state of the art production facilities in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
We offer a full range of services, from creative design to fabric procurement, garment production, quality control, logistics and warehousing in Europe.
We look forward to offering our services to you.

Please contact us at the following:

Sales Europe North:

Frank Purucker

Poetenweg 25
33619 Bielefeld

Tel. Mobil +49 171 3109288
Tel. Büro + 49 521 1641106


Sales Europe South:


Tobias Stark
Hagstr. 14
A-6706 Buers
Phone: +43 66 30 60 48 690

Sales Asia: General Manager

Managing Director:

Yours HL-Fashion Team
Member of BSCI

HL-Fashion Ltd.

Please contact us at the following:

HL-Fashion Ltd.

Unit 1-7, 8/F, Block B, Hoplite Industrial Centre,
3-5 Wang Tai Road, Kowloon Bay,

SAR-Hong Kong

Tel.: +852 2728 2600

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